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Refined, Elegant, Distinguished

The Grand Cru values a particular terroir (100% Cramant) whose Champagne Gremillet selects the grapes. Proud of the network of winemaker-partners that it has been able to build over the last 10 years, it benefits in addition to its 48 hectares in the Côte des Bar, a supply of quality grapes that it chooses here to highlight.


To Observe

Apale golden robe, brilliantly luminous and crystalline. The bubbles, of great finesse,stretch out slowly floating in persistent beads.

To breath

The nose is a delicate rapture with a pleasant vanilla biscuit aroma giving way to little seringa and acacia nuances....before opening on to a little underbrush in the morning dew.

To appreciate

It captivates the whole mouth, is ample, well-structured and perfectly balanced, between smoothness, sweetness and vivacity. This is a powerful Champagne, of noble birth,well-bred and good company. The first tasting awakens your sense, the second amazes you and the third makes you want to adopt it.


You can dare to do anything you wish with this Champagne. It will go well with everything: shell-fish, fish or, meat. If it were up to me, I would choose a nice turbot in butter sauce which would be a perfect combination.

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