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Woody, spicy, vanilla

A distinctly contemporary design thanks to this rounded bottle’s curved yet balanced lines evoke the gentle, delicate appeal of this aperitif. The label is also circular and decorated in the French national colours, leaving no doubt as to the product’s origins and its status as a high-end French gourmet product, renowned the world over for their exceptional quality.

Jean-Christophe Gremillet, Cellar master

NOTES : Dried fruit , hint of wood, vanilla and tobacco




A bright, warm and clear golden-topaz colour with exquisite, unique aromas. The nose, with its rich and sensual raisin aromas, evokes memories of Corinth, Smyrna, Damascus or Malaga. The hint of alcohol recalls the richness of spirits such as Cognac or Armagnac, with a hint of wood, vanilla and tobacco. On the palate, a whole range of interpretations are possible... Like a trace of amber liquid caressing the throat.


Ratafia is an integral part of the Champagne region’s gastronomic heritage and can be served as an aperitif or with a sweet or savoury starter or frozen dessert. It can also be used for granita and served with melon or other fruit.


GREMILLET’s Ratafia de Champagne is produced from a selection of Chardonnay grape juice harvested in 2006. It is therefore classed as "hors d’âge", or XO, due to its 10 years of ageing. Transformed into alcohol, the champagne grape juice retains all its freshness and minerality, making this a unique product in the world of French liqueur wines.


Several fresh leaves of mint 2 slices of lime 20 ml of cane sugar syrup Pound with a pestle and mortar then add 70 ml of Ratafia and several ice cubes for a short cocktail or for a long drink simply add sparkling water

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