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Structured, Powerful, Gourmand

The Premier Cru values a particular terroir whose gremillet selects the grapes. Proud of the network of winemaker-partners that it has been able to build over the last 10 years, it benefits in addition to its 48 hectares in the Côte des Bar, a supply of quality grapes that it chooses here to highlight.


Pinot Noir
To Observe

The robe is pale golden, brilliantly luminous and crystalline. The bubbles are very slender, finely and slowly drawing out in soft beads.

To breath

The nose asserts itself as being powerful, rich and sumptuous.It is a bouquet of multiple aromas: it escends to the earth, the soil, the terroir. We are in the vineyard; here the earth is being ploughed, there the vines are being trimmed. We are wine-growers, a leaf among leaves, a vine-stock among vine stocks.Our feet are planted in the soil like roots...

To appreciate

The palate is an allegory, a perfect balance between freshness and generosity.The fruit is ripe and this ripeness reveals itself through the sweetness of blond sugar and a touch of aniseeed and lemon brioche. And, so, inevitably ,you think of a pastry, a tasty morsel which would leave your mouth refreshed and perfumed. And make you want to carry on ! This is a Champagne full of vigour and life.


Its strength, its full body means it can be associated with many dishes: bass cooked in a salt crust, salmi of baby pigeon, ripened soft cheeses and, why not, a lemon meringue pie.

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